Royal Unibrew A/S seeks to maintain regular communication with the stock market

It is our aim to maintain a high and consistent level of information and to be proactive and open in communication with shareholder related stakeholders within the boundaries of current stock exchange regulations.

Royal Unibrew A/S strives - by use of investor relation policies - to ensure the availability of relevant and updated information for valuation of the share price, and that the we are at all times in compliance with prevailing stock exchange regulations.

By subscribing to the electronic communication service at Email Alerts, stakeholders have swift and seamless access to the latest company announcements and press releases.

Shareholder communication

Shareholdings are registered via the shareholder's own bank. Registered shareholders automatically receive an invitation to general meetings.

An Annual General Meeting is held once a year.

Investors and analysts

Royal Unibrew holds both analyst and investor meetings in Denmark and abroad in connection with the publication of its Interim Report and Annual Report. The presentations made at these meetings are published on the web in advance or simultaneously with the presentation.

To ensure as accurate a picture of Royal Unibrew as possible, we encourage analysts to forward drafts of their reports to our investor relations for feedback and comments.

Royal Unibrew only comments on factual information and not on guidance given in analyst reports.

Royal Unibrew do not distribute analyst reports. For a full list of analysts covering our share go to Analyst Coverage

Quiet period

Royal Unibrew maintains a three week quiet period before the planned release of financial statements. During this period we do not comment on financial goals nor guidance and does not take part in meetings nor presentations with analysts or investors.