Annual Report 2016

March 8, 2017 at 10:54 PM EST
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Company Announcement No. 11/2017 — 8 March 2017


Annual Report 2016

Strategy delivers earnings increase once again based on entrepreneurship, commercial focus and high efficiency 

  • Record-high earnings and earnings per share
  • Royal Unibrew generally maintained its market shares in 2016
  • Sales went up by 6% and net revenue by 5%
  • EBITDA showed a DKK 81 million increase to DKK 1,306 million
  • EBIT showed a DKK 84 million increase to DKK 1,001 million, and EBIT margin showed a 0.6 percentage point increase to 15.8%
  • Free cash flow amounted to DKK 1,022 million, representing 16% of net revenue
  • DKK 829 million was distributed to the shareholders in 2016
  • It has been decided to launch as soon as possible a share buy-back programme of DKK 560 million
  • The Board of Directors proposes the distribution of dividend of DKK 8.15 per share, corresponding to a total of DKK 441 million
  • Jesper B. Jørgensen will join as new CEO on 1 April 2017

"2016 was yet another good year for Royal Unibrew. Despite challenging market conditions in several of our markets, our earnings continued to increase, which should be viewed in light of, not least, many innovative measures across our organisation and our local presence with our consumers and customers. In recent years, we have focused intensively on developing the craft beer market, launching many exciting, new products which have been received well by our consumers - and in 2017 we will open our craft beer brewery in Denmark. As a result of the earnings improvement combined with our outlook for the years ahead, we are increasing our medium-term EBIT target from about 15% to about 16%. At the same time, we are increasing distributions to DKK 1 billion as a combination of a higher dividend and the most extensive share buy-back programme in our history" says Henrik Brandt, CEO.


Selected Financial Highlights and Ratios         Q1-Q4 Q4
MDKK   2016 2015   2016 2015
Sales (thousand hectolitres)   9,678 9,100   2,221 2,236
Net revenue   6,340 6,032   1,466 1,423
EBITDA   1,306 1,225   254 223
EBITDA-margin (%)
Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT)
EBIT-margin (%)   15.8 15.2   12.0 10.1
Proft before tax   998 902   179 146
Net profit for the year   784 711   143 123
Free cash flow   1,022 1,032   187 239
MDKK   Q4 2016 Q4 2015 Q4 2014 Q4 2013  
Net interesting-bearing debt   991 1,184 1,553 2,379  
NIBD/EBITDA (current 12 months)   0.8 1.0 1.4 2.3*  
Equity ratio (%)   48 43 40 31  

 * calculated proforma with Hartwall's realised full-year EBITDA


Outlook for 2017

    Forventet Realiseret Realiseret  
MDKK   2017 2016 2015  
Net revenue   6,250-6,450 6,340 6,032  
EBITDA   1,285-1,385 1,306 1,225  
EBIT   980-1,080 1,001 917  


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Financial Calendar 2017

27 April 2017              Interim Report for the period 1 January — 31 March 2017

27 April 2017              Annual General Meeting at Ceres Park & Arena i Aarhus

21 August 2017          Interim Report for the period 1 January — 30 June 2017

22 November 2017    Interim Report for the period 1 January — 30 September 2017  


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