Closing of Share Buy-back programme

July 11, 2013 at 2:50 AM EDT
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COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT NO 34/2013 — 11 july 2013



As announced in Company Announcement No 20/2013 of 30 April 2013, Royal Unibrew has, in accordance with European Commission Regulation (EC) No 2273/2003 of 22 December 2003, also known as the Safe Harbour Regulation, initiated a share buy-back programme with a maximum share buy-back up to a market value of DKK 210 million and a planned period of realisation up until 25 April 2014.


Simultaneously with the announcement today of the agreement made with Heineken International B.V. to acquire Oy Hartwall Ab in Finland (see Company Announcement No 33/2013 of 11 July 2013), Royal Unibrew has decided to close the above-mentioned share buy-back programme. The decision is in line with Royal Unibrew's previous announcements of targets for the Company's capital structure and with a view to reducing interest-bearing debt as fast as possible and to meeting the announced capital structure target.

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The following transactions have been made under this share buy-back programme:



  Number of shares Avg.
purchase price
Value of programme in DKK
Total as per latest announcement 69,507 516.93 35,930,527.16
08 July 2013 1,250 530.59 663,237.50
09 July 2013 1,000 541.96 541,964.20
10 July 2013 1,536 547.08 840,314.88
Total under share buy-back programme 73,293 518.14 37,976,043.74


Following the above transactions, Royal Unibrew holds 75,512 treasury shares, corresponding to 0.7% of the Company's share capital. The Company has a total number of 10,090,000 shares, including treasury shares.


Please direct any questions to me at tel +45 56 77 15 05.


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Royal Unibrew A/S



Lars Jensen