Electronic communication to Royal Unibrew shareholders

Based on the resolution passed at Royal Unibrew's Extraordinary General Meeting on 11 October 2010, we are pleased to offer electronic communication to all our registered shareholders (cf our letter sent to registered shareholders).

In order to communicate electronically with you, we need your e-mail address. Your e-mail address must be registered though the Investor Portal operated by VP Investor Services.

How to register your e-mail address:
1) Click the Investor Portal link ( https://www.vponline.dk/ip/ctrl/portal/Frontpage.do?command=-&asident=25500&language=en).
2) Log on to the Investor Portal using your NemID, NetID or VP user and follow the guidance.
3) Indicate your e-mail address under "Personal settings" and click "Save settings".
4) Select the publications that you wish to receive by e-mail.

Only registered shareholders can register their e-mail address through the Investor Portal. If you are not a registered shareholder, you may register your shares by contacting the bank holding the shares in safe custody.


Any questions may be addressed to:

Royal Unibrew A/S Investor Relations
Faxe Allé 1
DK-4640 Faxe
e-mail: investor.relations@royalunibrew.com
Tel: +45 56 77 15 12

VP Investor Services
Weidekampsgade 14
PO Box
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
e-mail: vpinvestor@vp.dk
Tel: +45 43 58 88 66